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Llewellin Setters of Wisconsin


"Noble Heartz Kennels"

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Llewellin Gun Dogs

Craig has trained and hunted the Llewellin setters and other pointing breeds for over 15 yrs. Craig has found that the Llewellin setters are some of the easiest to train due to their natural abilities and easy handling. Craig is helping to restore some of the older bloodlines of Llewellin setters like Count Otho and Straight Creek Chief. These are the old European bloodlines (Dashing Bondhu). These dogs are known to have natural abilities for retrieving, hunting, pointing, and honoring. Craig brings out these abilities by giving each young pup frequent exposure to birds and continuous opportunities to develop their prey drive. Through this proven training method, Craig is able to see each pup's natural abilities and help to develop them to their maximum potential.

Show pup stage. Learning the concept of whoa.

Craig handling Jack.

About Noble Heartz Kennels:

  • Our Llewellins are old-fashioned walk behind gun dogs
  • We line breed our Llewellins to insure their natural traits are passed on to their offspring.
  • We will not breed a female until she is fully trained and possesses all of the natural traits of a fine gun dog.

About Our Puppies:

  • Craig personally socializes all pups.
  • Craig guarantees that the pup will be trainable, with proper training and have a total love for bird.
  • We guarantee that hips and eyes will be healthy when getting a pup from us. Craig will replace the puppy if any of these genetic problems occurs within one year.
  • Your new pup will be dewormed, receive distemper shots and be vet checked.